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Aqua Safe Anti-Slip Bathroom Stickers

Aqua Safe Anti-Slip Bathroom Stickers

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Aqua Safe Anti-Slip Bathroom Stickers

Tenura anti-slip bath and shower stickers are a convenient and super-efficient way of adding an efficient non-slip surface to your bathtub or shower tray. Our decals will give you peace of mind when bathing and make shower and bath time as relaxing as possible. Kepp your home safet with Aqua Safe Anti-Slip Bathroom Stickers

Our Aqua Safe Anti-Slip Bathroom Stickers can be applied to your bathtub or shower in minutes and can be used instantly. Cleaning is easy, as bacteria cannot harbor on the non-abrasive surface, so unlike bath and shower mats, laborious cleaning is unnecessary.

Tenura Aqua Safe Anti-Slip Bathroom Stickers are very comfortable under barefoot and will never damage bare skin.


  • Bathtubs and shower trays
  • Prevent slippage on frequently slippery floors and surfaces
  • Available in rolls of 72 circles with a diameter of 1.5." 
  • Available in rolls of 30 strips that are 7.8" x 0.7"

The surface you are applying Tenura non-slip bath stickers to must first be cleaned with an alcohol-based cleaner to ensure no residue is left, creating a good adhesive bond between the bathroom sticker and surface. Using any cream cleaners will leave a powder residue, which will contaminate the adhesive and cause it to fail.

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