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CupCaps: No More Spills!~ 2 pack

CupCaps: No More Spills!~ 2 pack

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Make drink containers spillproof with this excellent drinking aid for all ages.

Tenura CupCaps are ideal for placing over cups, glass, and cans to prevent spills if they are tipped or knocked over. Simply place the CupCap over a cup or glass, and insert a straw through the purpose-made, self-sealing eyelet in the center to create a virtually spillproof container for liquids.

Tenura antimicrobial CupCaps are perfect for children and people with an unsteady grip, protecting furniture, carpets, and clothing from spills.

Made from Tenura's antimicrobial silicone, Tenura CupCaps are durable and washable by hand or dishwasher because CupCaps can withstand heat up to 250°C. Their heat resistance makes them microwave-safe. If you want to reheat a drink that's gone cold, these microwave-safe CupCaps can be stretched over beakers to prevent their contents from splattering the inside of microwaves.

CupCaps are an eco-friendly solution that turns ordinary cups into travel cups. Their durability means you can use CupCaps time and time again. CupCaps will also keep drinks fresher for longer and can also be used to store drinks in the fridge.

CupCaps stop the contents of containers from spilling out and inhibit anything entering, such as debris, flies, or, in more severe circumstances, prevent drinks from being spiked.

Tenura CupCaps are sold in a pack of two, with one measuring 80mm in diameter and the other 60mm. Both of the drinks' covers are blue. The larger CupCap weighs 15g, and the small 10g. Each CupCap has a material thickness of 2mm.

Tenura CupCaps are drinks covers designed to be placed on cups, mugs, cans, and glasses that when applied, reduce the risk of spills and stains. The use of Tenura CupCaps helps the user to restore confidence when taking a drink from a receptacle. 


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